Myths about mold

Black mold is the only bad mold.

-False, Mold can grow in every color of the rainbow. The toxicity of mold is not determined by the color. 

Mold affects everyone in the same way.

-False, Every person is affected differently by mold spores. For example; some people have an allergic reaction to the mold penicillin and some can take it to heal. 

Taking a sample of the mold present in a home is required.

-False, The process for mold remediation is the same no matter what type of mold is found to be present.

Having an air test after remediation is required.

-False, Currently there are no CA or Federal laws that require testing to be performed before, during or after remediation. STAT will call for post remediation testing if over 30 sq ft of affected material is found or if the occupants have a compromised immune system. 

Mushrooms growing in vacant unit
moisture reading pic

Myths about water damage

If the area feels dry then no dry out is needed.

-False. In most cases you can not feel or see the moisture trapped in the drywall, ceiling, flooring , cabinetry, etc. Using the proper tools to detect moisture is the most accurate way to determine if dry out is needed. 

Our handyman and plumber both said no dry out is needed.

-Again, the only way to properly test for moisture trapped in the drywall, ceiling, flooring , cabinetry, etc. is to use the proper moisture detection tools and knowledge.

Carpet and building materials will dry out on their own.

-In some cases this is true. However, if building materials are wet a remediation specialist should be hired to ensure that dry out is done as quickly as possible to prevent secondary damages such as mold growth. Mold can grow in as little as 24 hours.