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Water Damage

In this photo the wall is dry to the touch and there is no visible signs of moisture. Our moisture meter detects 98.2% moisture (less than 15% is considered dry) on the drywall.  Mold growth can begin to grow in as little as 24-48 hours. Starting the dry out process as quickly as possible can help reduce the likelihood of growth and decrease the potential cost. Call STAT for a FREE estimate in Orange County

Mold Remediation

Mold related damage to residential and commercial property is well documented in the media. As a result, many people have unrealistic fears regarding indoor mold problems and how to deal with them correctly. STAT Services understands these fears and continually takes the extra time to make sure our clients understand the work that we are doing and that the remediation is being performed properly.  When you call STAT Services you can expect to speak with a certified specialist that can answer your questions and put your fears to rest.

We take pride in every job that we do. We set containment areas when needed and leave our clients homes as clean as possible each day that we perform work.

Mold in vacant unit
Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

STAT uses thermal imaging cameras to quickly see and photo document moisture intrusion.  Call STAT Services for a FREE inspection in Orange County.


Air Testing

Many homeowners want to make sure that not only was the remediation work completed correctly but also that the mold growth is removed. Having a third party industrial hygienist perform an inspection of the work completed and air testing is a great way to do so.

Call STAT today and speak with a certified specialist that can answer your questions and help save you cost.

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